Today I am excited to announce Pacific iWork’s subscription-based website and ecommerce website service. In over 20 years in the web and creative industry, the one thing I have learned is that my customers, all business owners, are very busy. They don’t want to spend time learning HTML and CSS or learning how to run security updates on their website. They definitely don’t want to deal with calling their hosting company’s 800 number and trying to explain to a customer service representative 4 time zones away what their problem is with their site.

I created our subscription-based website packages for busy business owners who don’t want to deal with any of the hassles of owning and updating a website. They just want everything taken care of behind the scenes. They want fast and easy service, and they want it done right.

Here’s how it works.

In the past, when you wanted a website done, you needed to purchase a domain name, find a hosting provider, then hire a website developer to build and deploy the website. The developer would charge an up-front fee based on the scope of work, which would be based on the number of hours they feel the project would take.

Under the subscription-base model, you do not need to pay an up-front fee. You simply subscribe to one of our website packages based on whether you need a marketing website or an ecommerce website. We put just as much effort into building you the perfect website as the developer who charged you thousands of dollars, but we do it for a small monthly fee.

The benefits of a subscription-based website are numerous.

It’s all about the updates

With the older traditional model, you pay thousands of dollars up-front, then you end up paying the developer thousands more over the years to make updates. There is no way for you to know exactly what your long-term costs are because you have no idea how much of the developer’s time you are going to need.

With our subscription-based model, you know exactly what you are going to pay every year, because we offer unlimited page and product additions and unlimited page and product updates.

Unlimited content

Many developers charge by the page. Our subscriptions come with unlimited content. What ever you need, we’ll add it to your site. Unlimited pages, unlimited landing pages, unlimited product pages, unlimited graphics, forms, and images.

We perform regular site maintenance

Websites are not designed to be created and then forgot about it. Sites need to be maintained over time. It’s like buying a car. If you never change the oil, rotate the tires or flush the fluids, your car will not last as long as it potentially could. We perform weekly maintenance on your website which will keep it running at optimal speed and performance.

Hosting designed for your site goal

Our hosting platform is designed for performance. We include ample resources to run demanding applications and provide SSL security by default. We even run weekly cloud backups to ensure that we minimize downtime if there is a problem. Most hosting companies charge extra for these services.

We redesign your site every 24-months

Websites get old. Design techniques and aesthetics evolve, and new coding techniques are developed that improve performance while adding functionality. You want to benefit from the evolution of Internet technology, but you just paid thousands of dollars for your site and you don’t want to pay thousands of dollars again, its only been a few years!

Under our subscription model, we create a brand new, fresh, modern website for you every 24-months. You will always have the latest in technology working for you.

We take all the risk

What happens if you pay thousands of dollars for a website, only to find out 6-months later that you miscalculated your need and you want to go in a completely different direction? Our subscriptions have no minimums. If you paid up-front for a website, only to shut it down 6-months later, you’re out a lot of money. With a subscription, you’ve only paid a few hundred dollars and can cancel any time.

Seriously, does your website development firm do all of this?

Our subscription-based marketing website and ecommerce website packages are the perfect solution of small businesses in Hawaii. The up-front cost is minimal, but you still get the full service of a professional web development firm. We’re based in Honolulu, Hawaii, but we build website for businesses across the islands and on the West Cost. Click here to view out website packages.

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