Improve You Website Marketing Performance

Get a FREE, no obligation, personalized 10-page analysis of your website.

We personally review every site and prepare an analysis of the site’s ability to meet its marketing goals. Please allow 48 hours (Mon – Fri) and we will send a PDF to the above email address.

If we find deficiencies in your site, we will include straight forward suggestions on how to fix the problems, and make your site more effective. We personally analyze the following website elements.

Site Navigation

We test your navigation for errors and analyze its adherence to important web conventions which have been proven to maximize site conversion.

Graphics Design

We analyze the design and general site hierarchy from the perspective of a customer to see how effective your site is in marketing your product or service.

Feature Usability

We’ll test for coding errors, check for proper form validation, search effectiveness, and generally test to see if any features are impeding the site’s goals.

Content Effectiveness

We look at the marketing effectiveness of the site’s content, analyzing proper use of text, images, video, infographics, and relevance to your site goals.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll run a search engine optimization analysis so you know where Google ranks your site in relations to your competitors.

Advanced Features

We test your mobile site as well as the effectiveness of your more advanced features such as calculators, blogs, event calendars and ecommerce.

Improve site conversion.

Find out what features you should be including to attract more customers.

See if your site navigation and graphic design adhere to design conventions and your customer’s expectations.
Test your site’s mobile readiness.

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