Complete Website Design & Maintenance

More Than Just
Basic Web Design

Running a modern and high performance website takes more than just placing a bunch of images and text on a page. Building the initial site is just the beginning.  Pacific iWorks website packages include complete website design or ecommerce site design.  Our packages also include lifetime maintenance, analytics, search engine optimization (SEO) and we even build you a new website every 24 months. All for one low monthly price.

Unlimited Content

Each site we do comes with an unlimited number of content pages, landing pages, blog posts and submission forms. We never charge by the page and it’s all professionally designed by our marketing and graphic design experts.

Unlimited Page Updates

You need to keep your site updated with the latest information on your company and what you do. Most business owners are too busy to learn web design, write the content, create the graphics, and post the changes. We do it all for you.

Unlimited Products

Ecommerce sites need to be fast and nimble and keep up with your ever changing product line. Our ecommerce subscription comes with unlimited product additions and updates; we take care of it for you. Perfect for your growing online business.

Search Engine Optimization

We run keyword optimization on every page of your site and monitor performance using advanced analytics. For the best results, we help you continuously add content. There are no short cuts to search engine optimization.

Site Maintenance

Websites need to be maintained weekly or even daily with proper monitoring, analytics, security updates, speed optimization and cloud backups. Our subscription packages ensure your site is working at it peak performance.

Code Updates

Web design technology is advancing at an ever increasing rate. A 1-year old site that hasn’t been updated is like driving a 10-year old car; it’s going to start having problems. We update our site code monthly and offer a complete site refresh every 24 months.

Is your website designer providing all of these services?

It’s a lot. Let us take care of it for you.

At Pacific iWorks, our website subscription packages cover everything you need to build and maintain a marketing focused standard website or ecommerce website.

Website Subscription Packages

Site Idea Templates

Our websites are custom designed for each business. But, sometimes it’s fun to look at templates to get ideas on what you find appealing. These are some of our latest designs.

Art Gallery

Baked Goods Store

Clothing Store


Flower Shop


We’re glad to have met and worked with Pacific iWorks. Jeff was very responsive, and very patient. He was also very helpful in getting our site up and running with ease, which was greatly appreciated!

Sakura Thompson

I have worked with Jeff for many years. I have found him to be efficient, creative, trustworthy, reasonably priced and he delivers on time!

Tom Mitchell

Pacific iWorks is the best design firm in Hawaii. I am not a computer guy and Jeff Powell went out of his way to make sure I was taken care of and had the best website for my business, even coming over to my house multiple times to teach me how to use my site. He even helped with creating a video for me. Business owners, you are making a mistake if you go with anyone else.
Bob Steinke

Being extremely busy with my company at present will not keep me from finding time to recommend Jeff Powell! I’m honored to do so.

As it is, Jeff does impeccable work and always responds quickly. He is patient, diligent and listens well to the customer, and is able to create a web-page tailored to your industry. There are few companies who will get it done and do it right and with such excellence as only Jeff can. Plus, his fees are quite reasonable. Why pay more when you will receive better, excellent service from him? And for less. So I definitely say: Hire Jeff!

Kara Mojica

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