Ecommerce Website Package

Our Ecommerce Package includes everything your Hawaii small-business needs to sell products or services online. We start by developing a custom storefront designed just for your unique business. We build in our powerful shopping cart system with advanced single page checkout and assist in setting up credit card processing. We even help you write your content including marketing pages and product descriptions.

Why choose a monthly subscription?

It's Cost Effective

Why pay $3,000 to $10,000 up front for an ecommerce website when you can be up and running for a small monthly fee? If you don’t like the results, you can cancel any time. There is no minimum contract.

Unlimited Product and Page Updates

Sites that perform well are sites that are active; they change a lot. Do you have some new products to add? Want to change your prices? Want to post a notice for an upcoming sale? Just drop us a note. For the duration of your subscription, Pacific iWorks will be responsible for making any additions or changes you may need on your website.

Site Maintenance & Security

Any website that is accepting credit cards as payment needs to be updated regularly with the latest programming techniques and security patches to ensure a secure purchasing environment for your customers. The negative PR that comes from a single data breach could put you out of business. Our subscription packages ensure your site is working at it peak performance.

A New Website Every 24-Months

Part of ecommerce success is giving your customers confidence in the purchase process. Modern online shoppers are sophisticated; they can spot an old site and will likely shop elsewhere where they are confident the site owners know what they are doing. With a monthly subscription, we rebuild your site with the latest technologies every 24-months, ensuring we are always meeting your customer’s expectation.

Search Engine Optimization

We run keyword optimization on every page of your site and add all of the proper tags and code. We’ll also monitor performance using advanced analytics and produce a quarterly overview for you. Everything you need to get search engine results.

Advanced Features

All of these features are available plus hundreds more: Coupons And Discounts • Multiple Payment Options • Unlimited Products & Categories • Unlimited Product Attributes & Variations • Simplified Checkout • Order Tracking & Fulfillment • Multiple Shipping Options • Product Customization

Is your website designer providing all of these services?

It’s a lot. Let us take care of it for you.

At Pacific iWorks, our website subscription packages cover everything you need to build and maintain a marketing focused website or ecommerce website.

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If you are not interested in our subscription service, but would like a quote for a standard up-front priced website, click here.

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If you’re not interested in a monthly subscription, we’re happy to assist you with any website design project you may have. We do fixed upfront pricing. You’ll always know what you are getting into before we proceed.

Site Idea Templates

Our websites are custom designed for each business. But, sometimes it’s fun to look at templates to get ideas on what you find appealing. These are some of our latest designs.

Fashion Storefront

Bakery Storefront

Florist Storefront

eBook Storefront

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