Marketing Website Package

Our Marketing Website Package includes everything your Hawaii based small-business needs to marketing your product or service online. We start by custom designing and developing a website just for your business. Once deployed, we maintain your website to maximize it’s performance and potential. We even build you a brand new website every 24-months, just to ensure that you are always utilizing the latest technology to your advantage.

Why choose a monthly subscription?


Cost Effective

Why pay $2,000 to $5,000 up front for a website when you can be up and running for $195? If you don’t like the results, you can cancel any time. There is no minimum contract.

It's All About The Updates

For the duration of your subscription, Pacific iWorks is responsible for updating your website. Want to modify some text, change out an image, create a new page or add entirely new functionality? We’ll take care of it for you, in most cases within 24-hours.

Site Maintenance

Websites need to be maintained weekly or even daily with proper monitoring, analytics, security updates, speed optimization and cloud backups. Our subscription packages ensure your site is working at peak performance.

A New Website Every 24-Months

Design trends are evolving rapidly. Programming techniques are advancing at an ever increasing rate, improving upon performance, features, and security. Paying up-front for a website is gives you ownership of a rapidly declining asset that is worth zero in about 2 years. With a monthly subscription, we rebuild your site with the latest technologies every 24-months.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ll run keyword optimization on every page of your site and add all of the proper code. We’ll also monitor performance using advanced analytics and produce a quarterly overview for you. Everything you need for search engine results.

Is your website designer providing all of these services?

It’s a lot. Let us take care of it for you.

At Pacific iWorks, our website subscription packages cover everything you need to build and maintain a marketing focused standard website or ecommerce website.

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Please fill out the form below to begin the process. By filling out this form, you are not yet committing to purchasing our services. We want to get to know you and your specific company needs before we accept your payment. Upon completing this order form, we’ll contact you by phone to discuss the details of your project then we’ll generate a subscription agreement and send it to you by email. We’ll invoice you for the first payment after you have reviewed the agreement.

If you are not interested in our subscription service, but would like a quote for a standard up-front priced website, click here.

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If you are not interested in a monthly subscription, we’re happy to assist you with any website design project you may have. We do fixed upfront pricing. You’ll always know what you are getting into before we proceed.

Site Idea Templates

Our websites are custom designed for each business. But, sometimes it’s fun to look at templates to get ideas on what you find appealing. These are some of our latest designs.

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Clothing Store



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